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I've been putting all my new projects on my blog just because it's much easier to add multiple photos.
Halloween Costumes DIY
Halloween Costumes DIY
Mardi Gras Recycled Silk Scarf Necklace
A fresh, eco spin on making Mardi Gras beads.
Halloween Costumes DIY 2
and even more fabulous costumes....
Jellyfish Costume
Fortune Cookie Costume
So adorable, you might get eaten alive!
One Night Stand
A double-entendre Halloween costume that is fun and naughty.
Instant Photo Booth
All you need is a Polaroid camera, some 3/4 inch tubing, and you're ready to go!
Sweet and brainy costume, great for kids.
Dinner for Two
Peeping Tom
Easily made with a blind from the window and some patience. This costume is sure to make everyone at the party laugh their heads off.
Necktie Purse
Why do guys always get to wear gorgeous silk? This tie purse levels the playing field and gives you an excuse to wear not one, not two but eight ties all at once. After all, we need to make up for lost time, now, don't we?
Heart Pendant
Valentine's day is coming up! Say you love her with twisted wire, pearlescent beads, and austrian crystals.
Rose Hair Pins
Next time you have a formal event that needs a touch of femininity try these floral clips for a breathtaking "je ne sais quoi".
Mint Glow Body Products
Mint has historically been an ingredient that sooths and invigorates the tired souls of the world.
Map Purse
The Map Purse is a great gift for others or a fun piece of memorabilia to tote around town-just in case you get lost.
Beauty Powder Mitts
Powder Mitts are an old tradition dating back to the 16th Century France where women were always "powdered" when they entered the court.
Ribbon Shoe Clips
I remember my grandmother used to love to wear shoe clips for a little flair in the foot department. They aren't very common anymore but I, personally, would love to see them come back and love wearing mine around.
Floral Pompom Choker
A simple way to wear pretty flowers that doesn't take more than five minutes to create.
Floral Shoe Clips
Step to the beat of a floral, feathery groove. Perfect accessory for that garden tea party.
Sonya's reel
Sonya's Reel
Lace Print Market Tote
A one step project for revamping an old canvas market tote.
Organza Flower Clips
Light as air flowers to decorate your hair or lapel for a special occasion. I like to wear a few at once for a Frida K. look!
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